Our Mission
Empowering Midwest tribes to manage energy resources through collective action

Our Core Values

Collaboration, commitment, community, action, environmental stewardship, and understanding

MTERA brings Midwest Tribes together to create a clean, secure, sustainable energy future for Tribes and our neighbors.

Our organization seeks to advance energy opportunities for Midwest Tribes by leveraging resources, sharing experiences, gathering information, and benefiting from expert industry knowledge.

Our Story

Energy has a significant impact to Tribes across the country. It affects land, water, economic development, and the budgets of tribal businesses and members. Typically, energy decisions affecting Tribal lands are shaped largely by federal policy, state regulations, and utility investments. These decisions are often not aligned with Tribal interests.

In an effort to address these growing issues, MTERA formed in 2014. Initially the organization started as an informal group of five Midwest Tribes passionate about energy. Without any initial funding, the founding Member-Tribes established the entity, defined the initial governance structure, approved the organizational bylaws, and identified opportunities to support Midwest Tribes.

Since 2014, MTERA has made significant progress establishing itself as a valuable resource for Tribes across the Midwest who are looking to understand and act on the energy opportunities unique to their Tribal circumstances.


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